Collabs Policy

Scope: Collaborations are a big part of the work I do in my blog including tea reviews and content creation such as recipes and informational posts.

Timing: My scheduling for tea reviews will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. My lead-time in between receiving the tea and posting the review is about 2 weeks.

Payment: I usually do a review post in exchange for tea.

Rights & Obligations:

  • By collaborating with me, the company understands that even if a product is sent to me, I have the final decision whether to review it in my blog or not.
  • I do have the right to express my opinion, positive or negative about the tea I am reviewing to ensure that my reviews are 100% honest.
  • I won’t spread dishonest information about a product or company.
  • Upon the arrival of the tea I will inform the company that I have received it. If I do not contact the company, the company is responsible for contacting me or the post office to ensure I receive the tea.
  • The company must make sure that the full list of ingredients is listed in the product, website or sent to me. This list of ingredients will be shared in the review.

Ownership of the Tea Reviews and Recipes:

  • The ownership of the tea reviews and recipes posted on my blog or on other platforms are mine and need to be properly credited (Backlink to the website “Teacup Connection”, author name and blog stated).
  • When doing a recipe collaboration, the content will be posted on my blog and shared on my social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). The company acknowledges that I have the ownership of the content, but it may be reposted or shared on their own website or social media if credit is given.

Instagram Giveaway: I collaborate with companies for giveaways on my Instagram account. When accompanied by a review and I have the product I will post a picture of it. If I don’t have the product, I must be provided with a picture of the product. The company is responsible for sending the product to the winner.

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