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Jasmine tea: types, aroma, brew, benefits and review from Umiteasets

Jasmine Tea is usually scented tea produced by mixing the leaves of the tea plant (Camelia Sinesis) with jasmine flowers. The Jasmine tea is usually associated with the Chinese culture. I remember as a kid, trying to find Jasmine tea in Brazil, where drinking tea is not so common due to the steady warm temperatures…

Gong fu brewing, the Chinese Tea Ceremony

Gong fu brewing is the traditional Chinese method of making tea. Not so widespread as the Japanese tea ceremony, the Chinese tea ceremony is more focused on how to brew tea in the right way and not so much on the ritual as the Japanese one.

Who invented tea?

As you may know, the history of tea is millenial and people have always wondered questions such as “When was tea invented” or “How old is tea” or even “Where does tea come from”. If you have ever had one of these questions, take a sip and dive in this short summary of the history…

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